The Fantastic Universe Of...

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The Fantastic Universe of Rebeca Gómez Galindo

The unbridled imagination of the author intertwines the human and the super-human with the natural and super-natural stories, much like a goddess on Mount Olympus, all full of sunshine, poetry and redesigned unrealism.

Nothing is impossible for her, nothing can stop her, for she is the magical fairy who with the colors of the rainbow, can saturate robe or reason of the denizens of her world and of her time, a world of fantasy and reality, a world in which time is not so. Time stops at her command, forcing us to enjoy unhurriedly the places, the objects, the beings and the panoramas with their endless skies.

Her stories have the power to darken and to overwhelm or to soften, excite or illuminate those lucky few that dare enter the magical realm between the pages of this tiny but wonderful gem.

Octavio Colmenares Vargas


© Rebeca Gomez 2012