These short stories offer us anecdotes originating from various realms, much like a sampler displaying the rich variety of the universe inhabited by the denizens of these remarkable times, one of them being the author, who with her piercing gaze and dreamy sensitivity, has captured the subtle intimacies of human conscience.

These stories by Rebecca Gomez Galindo are characterized by the broad variety of her limitless inspiration ranging from the simplest deed of everyday life to the fairy tale world of fantasy, thereby affording us the exaltation of some electrifying reading.

The reality of the present and the fantasy of make-believe are interwoven in this artful form of storytelling emanating from a plethora of perspectives, made possible by the meticulous mastery of the gift of gab. Brevity, quasi-poetic rhythm and restraint of language, are the distinctive qualities of whisper-like narration and the intimacy of a message delivered in secret. The prose of the author contains sentences of perfect simplicity of expression, such as “Anthudoeni chases the fog” for example, that nullify the need for descriptive paragraphs. Her style, in the words of one of her unexpected narrators, feels “like an angel’s caress” which compels us to proclaim “It’s a miracle, a miracle!” as some of the characters in another of her stories do.

Actually, there is something miraculous in the power of art.

One could say, using her own words, that Rebecca Gomez Galindo comes “from a place of many suns” and that “her heart sings with joy” when she tells her stories. The harmony in these exquisite lines of prose is such that, notwithstanding the dreadful characters in “The vulture” or in “the untamed fury of the sea” so well defined in this poem of resonant adjectives, it has the bewitching spell resulting in the unmistakable “aroma of sandalwood”.

Santiago Daydí-Tolson,

PhD. Modern Languages & Literature

© Rebeca Gomez 2012